Best Mutants

Everyone is always asking in the MGG group about which mutant is the best in Mutants: Genetic Gladiators. Here is my answer: All mutants are good if you use them on the genes they are strong against. The game is designed that you will never be able to have an all powerful mutant that can defeat all.

However, there are certain things that you should look out for when choosing your PvP defense team. But, before we do that, let me explain to you about the gene allocation of mutants:

Mutants Genetic Gladiators Weakness Chart

As you can see from the gene weaknesses and strengths chart, you will want your mutant to be able to deal as much bonus damage to as many genes as possible. Below is a chart to show you which gene combinations:

Short Mirror Balanced Defensive Attacker
Gene SaberGene Mythic Gene MythicGene Saber Gene SaberGene Galactic Gene SaberGene Cyber Gene CyberGene Saber
Gene MythicGene Necro Gene NecroGene Mythic Gene NecroGene Zoomorph Gene NecroGene Saber Gene SaberGene Necro
Gene NecroGene Galactic Gene GalacticGene Necro Gene CyberGene Mythic Gene CyberGene Necro Gene NecroGene Cyber
Gene GalacticGene Cyber Gene CyberGene Galactic Gene MythicGene Cyber Gene ZoomorphGene Galactic Gene GalacticGene Zoomorph
Gene CyberGene Zoomorph Gene ZoomorphGene Cyber Gene ZoomorphGene Necro Gene MythicGene Zoomorph Gene ZoomorphGene Mythic
Gene ZoomorphGene Saber Gene SaberGene Zoomorph Gene GalacticGene Saber Gene GalacticGene Mythic Gene MythicGene Galactic

These terms are first used by James Waddington. I am just helping him explain it. You are probably wondering which combinations are good. I will tell you the better ones and why. You will want to pick either Balanced, Defensive or Attacker genes. The reason is because they deal bonus damage to 4 genes whereas Short and Mirror only deals bonus damage to 3 genes.

To sum it up, touching genes in the weakness chart is not as desirable as the ones that are spread out. Lets take a look at Beetle Bot who has Gene CyberGene Zoomorph as its genes. So it will deal +25%/+50% damage to saber mutants. The 25% is wasted because if it was for example a Necro gene than you would deal bonus damage to Galactic and Cyber gene. However, you would deal normal damage to Zoomorph gene.

Gene +25% Bonus Against +50%Bonus Against
Gene CyberGene Zoomorph Gene Mythic Gene SaberGene Zoomorph
Gene NecroGene Zoomorph Gene CyberGene Mythic Gene GalacticGene Saber

With that said, I would recommend that you only use Mirror and Short mutants if you don’t have any Defensive, Balanced or Attacker mutants. Here are some additional stuff that I will quote from James:

“First, mutants with touching genes have another weakness. not only do they lose out on 25% on offense because of overlapping bonuses, they also get stuck with a -25% damage at best against some gene behind them on the circle.

So that gives them a total of -50% worth of penalty, which is almost as much as the difference between a normal mutant and a bronze, or a normal mutant and a pvp/legendary one (60% over the whole circle, at 10% per gene type).

A bronze mutant with bad genes will only deal 10% more damage overall than a normal mutant with good genes. on the other hand, a silver mutant with bad genes is still better than a bronze pvp mutant with good genes by about 6%.”

PvP Defense/Attack Team Suggestions

Here are some ideas for your PvP team. I excluded PvP/Legendary/Zodiac mutants as not everyone will have access to them. The numbers beside the mutant is their speed.

Balanced All Saber Balanced All Necro Balanced All Cyber
Gene SaberGene Necro Bushi 3.85 Gene NecroGene Cyber Zomborg 4.54 Gene CyberGene Saber Stealth Bot 5
Gene SaberGene Cyber Enforcer 4.16 Gene NecroGene Saber Captain Bag ‘o’ Bones 5.26 Gene CyberGene Necro Dead Bot 7.14
Gene SaberGene Galactic Martian Marauder 8.33 Gene NecroGene Zoomorph Undead Dragon 3.33 Gene CyberGene Mythic Deus Machina 5.26
Balanced All Zoomorph Balanced All Galactic Balanced All Mythic
Gene ZoomorphGene Mythic Dracus Nobilis 3.33 Gene GalacticGene Zoomorph Shell Shock 4.55 Gene MythicGene Galactic C’thlig 3.33
Gene ZoomorphGene Galactic Parasite Queen 7.69 Gene GalacticGene Mythic Nebulon 5.88 Gene MythicGene Zoomorph Medusa 4.54
Gene ZoomorphGene Necro Cerberus 5.88 Gene GalacticGene Saber Bounty Bug 5.26 Gene MythicGene Cyber Techno Taoist 4
Well Rounded Coverage A Well Rounded Coverage B Defensive Cover Team
Gene SaberGene Galactic Martian Marauder 8.33 Gene GalacticGene Saber Bounty Bug 5.26 Gene MythicGene Zoomorph Medusa 4.54
Gene NecroGene Zoomorph Undead Dragon 3.33 Gene ZoomorphGene Necro Cerberus 5.88 Gene CyberGene Necro Dead Bot 7.14
Gene CyberGene Mythic Deus Machina Gene MythicGene Cyber Techno Taoist Gene SaberGene Cyber Enforcer 4.16
AoE Composition 1 AoE Composition 2 Attack Spread
Gene SaberGene Saber Nordic Knightmare 4.76 Gene ZoomorphGene Zoomorph Kaiju Kitty 5.56 Gene CyberGene Saber Captain Wrenchfury 8.33
Gene NecroGene Necro Leech lord 4.16 Gene GalacticGene Galactic Astro Surfer 3.85 Gene SaberGene Necro Bushi 3.85
Gene CyberGene Cyber Goliath 4 or Android 6.66 Gene MythicGene Mythic Pit Lord 3.33 Gene GalacticGene Zoomorph Xenos 7.69