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Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide | MGG Fan Site

Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide

Breeding Mutopedia Guide

Note: The new and update version is out.

You can check out the breeding guide here ->>>>>> Click here.

Here is a brief breeding guide for all the mutants you can breed in the game. “Elite” are the Bronze/Silver/Gold versions of it. “Specific” requires a certain type of mutant. Zodiac mutants are denoted by “Z”, Legendary mutants as “L”, Unique mutants as “U” and Rare mutants as “R”. Keep in mind that Legendary and PvP mutants have 10% better stats. Most Zodiac mutants usually require real money to collect.

Saber Mutants

Mutant Genes Mutant Combination
Warrior Gene Saber Elite: Warrior Nordic Knightmare
Cryonos[U] Gene Saber No Elites
Nordic Knightmare Gene SaberGene Saber Breed Warrior  + Warrior
Buck Maurice [L] Gene SaberGene Saber Elite: Buck Maurice Nordic Knightmare
Zena[L] Gene SaberGene Saber Elite: Zena + Nordic Knightmare
Blade Banshee [R] Gene SaberGene Necro Warrior  + Zombie
Bushi [R] Gene SaberGene Necro Specific:Stealth Bot  + Zomborg
Ragnar[L] Gene SaberGene Necro Elite: Ragnar + Leech Lord
Enforcer Gene SaberGene Cyber Warrior  + Robot
Interceptrix Gene SaberGene Cyber Specific: Captain Bag o Bones + Terrordoll
General Chaos Gene SaberGene Cyber Pvp S19, Elite: General Chaos + Android
Project X27[L] Gene SaberGene Cyber Elite: Project X27 + Nordic Knightmare
Honey Bunny Gene SaberGene Zoomorph Beast  + Warrior
Sagittarius [Z] Gene SaberGene Zoomorph Shop Only
Haggis Gene SaberGene Zoomorph PvP S15, Elite: Haggis + Honey Bunny
Battletoad[L] Gene SaberGene Zoomorph Elite: Battletoad + Honey Bunny
Martian Marauder [R] Gene SaberGene Galactic Alien  + Warrior
Galactic Guardian[L] Gene SaberGene Galactic Elite: Galactic Guardian + Bounty Bug
Geminium[Z] Gene SaberGene Galactic No Elite
Valkyrie Gene SaberGene Mythic Warrior  + Demon
Thor[L] Gene SaberGene Mythic 5mil(Limited), Elite: Thor + Warrior or Demon
Azog[L] Gene SaberGene Mythic Elite: Azog + Nordic Knightmare
Tinker Blade[L] Gene SaberGene Mythic Elite: Tinker Blade + Valkyrie

Necro Mutants

Mutant Genes Mutant Combination
Zombie Gene Necro Elite: Zombie Leech Lord
Jack o Lantern Gene Necro Halloween Special(No Elite)
Dire Despot Gene NecroGene Saber Zombie  + Warrior
Captain BoB [R] Gene NecroGene Saber Only Nordic Knightmare  + Undead Dragon
Micky Krueger[L] Gene NecroGene Saber Elite: Micky Krueger + Dire Despot
G. Washington[U] Gene NecroGene Saber No elite
Leech Lord Gene NecroGene Necro Zombie  + Zombie
Crypt Wraith Gene NecroGene Necro PvP S10, Elites: Crypt Wraith Leech Lord
Cursed Rider[L] Gene NecroGene Necro Elite: Cursed Rider + Leech Lord
Zomborg [R] Gene NecroGene Cyber Leech Lord  + Android
Terrordoll [R] Gene NecroGene Cyber Specific :Undead Dragon  + Reptoid
Triple B-Pack[L] Gene NecroGene Cyber Elite: Triple B-Pack + Dead Bot
The Experiment[L] Gene NecroGene Cyber Elite: The Experiment + Android
Undead Dragon [R] Gene NecroGene Zoomorph Leech Lord  + Beast
Cancernia [Z] Gene NecroGene Zoomorph Not available(No Elite)
Ghostmonaut Gene NecroGene Galactic Zombie  + Alien
Humongous Gene NecroGene Galactic PvP S16, Elite: Humongous + Leech Lord
Baron Lundi Gene NecroGene Mythic Zombie  + Demon
Lichlock Gene NecroGene Mythic PvP S6, Elite: Lichlock Leech Lord
Rammerhead[Z] Gene NecroGene Mythic No Elite

Cyber Mutants

Mutant Genes Mutant Combinations
Robot Gene Cyber Gotten from shop for 500 credits
Garuda[U] Gene Cyber Unique and No Elites
C. Wrenchfury [R] Gene CyberGene Saber Specific Parents:Terrordoll  + Bushi
The Plumber[U] Gene CyberGene Saber No Elites
Android Gene CyberGene Cyber Robot  + Robot
Goliath Gene CyberGene Cyber Invite 10 new players and get them to level 5
H.U.M.A.N[L] Gene CyberGene Cyber Elite: H.U.M.A.N + Android
Dead Bot Gene CyberGene Necro Robot  + Zombie
Darkseer [R] Gene CyberGene Necro Specific Parents:Bushi C. Wrenchfury
Xenarach Gene CyberGene Necro PvP S14, Elite: Xenarach + Dead Bot
Stealth Bot [R] Gene CyberGene Saber Robot  + Warrior
Dezinger[L] Gene CyberGene Saber Elite Version: Dezinger + Android
Beetle Bot Gene CyberGene Zoomorph Robot  + Beast
Monocerus [L] Gene CyberGene Zoomorph Not available, Elite: Monocerus Android
Taurider[Z] Gene CyberGene Zoomorph No Elite
Colossus Gene CyberGene Galactic Robot  + Alien
Libraro [Z] Gene CyberGene Galactic Shop only(No Elite)
Invadron Gene CyberGene Galactic Elite: Invadron + Android
Virgon [Z] Gene CyberGene Mythic Shop only(No Elite)
Deus Machina [R] Gene CyberGene Mythic Robot  + Demon
Autonorush[L] Gene CyberGene Mythic Elite: Autonorush + Android
Halbeard[L] Gene CyberGene Mythic Elite: Halbeard + Android

Zoomorph Mutants 

Mutant Genes Mutant Combinations
Beast Gene Zoomorph Elite: Beast Kaiju Kitty
Easter Gunny Gene Zoomorph Unique, no elite
Kaiju Kitty Gene ZoomorphGene Zoomorph Beast  + Beast
Master Splitter Gene ZoomorphGene Zoomorph PvP S12, Elite: Master Splitter Beast
Psychoboar[L] Gene ZoomorphGene Zoomorph Elite: Psychoboar + Kaiju Kitty
Rakshasa [R] Gene ZoomorphGene Saber Beast  + Warrior
Leohart [Z] Gene ZoomorphGene Saber Shop only(No Elite)
Cézanne Gene ZoomorphGene Saber Limited Time: Mutant Slots
Cerberus Gene ZoomorphGene Necro Beast Zombie
Zombat Gene ZoomorphGene Necro PvP S4, Elite: Zombat Beast
Cobrakai[L] Gene ZoomorphGene Necro Elite: Cobrakai + Leech Lord
Louis XVI[U] Gene ZoomorphGene Necro No Elite
Reptoid [R] Gene ZoomorphGene Cyber Beast  + Robot
Arachno Gene ZoomorphGene Cyber PvP S3, Elites: Arachno Android
Mantidroid Gene ZoomorphGene Cyber Specific: Rakshasa + Stealth Bot
Parasite Queen Gene ZoomorphGene Galactic Beast  + Alien
Slashog Gene ZoomorphGene Galactic PvP S21, Elite: Slashog + Parasite Queen
Cosmo Kong [L] Gene ZoomorphGene Galactic Shop only
Genshiryoku[L] Gene ZoomorphGene Galactic Elite: Genshiryoku + Astro Surfer
Exo Cookie[L] Gene ZoomorphGene Galactic Elite: Exo Cookie + Kaiju Kitty
Dracus Nobilis [R] Gene ZoomorphGene Mythic Beast  + Demon
Satyr Shaman Gene ZoomorphGene Mythic PvP S14, Elites: Satyr Shaman + Beast
Absolem[L] Gene ZoomorphGene Mythic Elite: Absolem + Kaiju Kitty
Kontiki[L] Gene ZoomorphGene Mythic Elite: Kontiki + Kaiju Kitty

Galactic Combinations

Mutant Genes Mutant Combinations
Alien Gene Galactic Elite: content_tooltip id=”131″] + Astro Surfer
Astro Surfer Gene GalacticGene Galactic Alien  + Alien
Super Novus Gene GalacticGene Galactic PvP S9 – Elite: Super Novus  + Astro Surfer
Master Oida[L] Gene GalacticGene Galactic Elite: Master Oida + Astro Surfer
Bounty Bug Gene GalacticGene Saber Warrior  + Alien
Behemoth Gene GalacticGene Saber PvP S7, Elite: Behemoth Nordic Knightmare
Tutti Gooey [R] Gene GalacticGene Necro Alien  + Zombie
Sirenia Gene GalacticGene Necro PvP S5, Elite: Sirenia Leech Lord
Devourer[R] Gene GalacticGene Necro Specific Parents: Planet Cleaner + Zomborg
Planet Cleaner [R] Gene GalacticGene Cyber Alien  + Robot
Sentry [L] Gene GalacticGene Cyber Shop only, Elite: Sentry Android
Exo Fish[Z] Gene GalacticGene Cyber No Elites
Xenos [R] Gene GalacticGene Zoomorph Alien  + Beast
Shell Shock Gene GalacticGene Zoomorph PvP S8, Elite: Shell Shock Astro Surfer
Wampara[L] Gene GalacticGene Zoomorph Elite: Wampara + Kaiju Kitty
Nebulon Gene GalacticGene Mythic Alien  + Demon
Aquapunzel[Z] Gene GalacticGene Mythic No Elites

Mythical Mutants

Mutant Genes Mutant Combinations
Demon Gene Mythic Elite: Demon Pit Lord
Snowmage Gene Mythic Christmas Special(No elite and not breedable)
Gandolphus [R] Gene MythicGene Saber Demon  + Warrior
Captain Peace Gene MythicGene Saber Mutant Reactor(No Elites)
Oriax Gene MythicGene Saber Download Mutants App(iOS/Android)
Grim Reapress [R] Gene MythicGene Necro Demon  + Zombie
Prince Scorpion [Z] Gene MythicGene Necro Shop Only(No Elites)
Anubis[L] Gene MythicGene Necro Elite: Anubis + Leech Lord
Wicked Witch[L] Gene MythicGene Necro PvP S27, Elite: Wicked Witch + Leech lord
Banker Gene MythicGene Necro N/A
Techno Taoist Gene MythicGene Cyber Demon  + Robot
Mekali Gene MythicGene Cyber PvP S11, Elite:Mekali Android
Bazzinger[L] Gene MythicGene Cyber Elite: Bazzinger + Android
Medusa Gene MythicGene Zoomorph Demon  + Beast
Horus[R] Gene MythicGene Zoomorph Specific: Dracus Nobilis + Pit Lord
C’thlig [R] Gene MythicGene Galactic Demon  + Alien
Azuria Gene MythicGene Galactic PvP S13, Elite: Azuria + Astro Surfer
Space Princess[L] Gene MythicGene Galactic Elite: Space Princess + Astro Surfer
Pit Lord Gene MythicGene Mythic Demon  + Demon
Retribution Gene MythicGene Mythic PvP S14, Elite: Retribution + Demon or Pit Lord
Blood Berry[L] Gene MythicGene Mythic Elite: Blood Berry + Pit Lord

You can breed mutants with better attack and health when you use stars. Stars can be gotten from campaign fights as prizes and also from PvP tournament prize. Of course, you can also buy them at the shop with real money.

Bronze Star

Bronze Mutant(+10% Attack and Health)

To breed a bronze mutant, you will need two level 10 mutants or higher and a bronze star to get a bronze version of whatever that comes out.

Silver Star

Silver Mutant(+30% Attack and Health)

To breed a silver mutant, you will need two bronze mutants that are level 15 or higher to get a silver version.

Gold Star

Gold Mutant(+75% Attack and Health)

To breed a gold mutant, it requires that you have two silver mutants that are level 20 or higher.

Please note that when you have a gold or silver mutant, you can use them to breed the bronze versions provided that they meet the level requirement of 10.




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