Mutants: Genetic Gladiators Tips

On this page, I will be giving you some tips to help you on your journey to getting your gold mutants and dominate the PvP world.

MGG Tips

Save Your Gold

Always try and preserve your gold, especially if you are a free player. Don’t waste it on things like accelerating breeding process or compound building. Save them up and go for these:

  • Breeding Center Upgrade(500 Gold) – Cuts your breeding time by 50% at level 2
  • Incubator Upgrade(200 Gold) – Gives you an extra spot for incubating, which is very useful
  • Buy a Gold Mutant(1000~2000 Gold) – If you have saved every gold from awards and also leveling up, this is achievable and will give you a huge advantage over your PvP opponents at low levels

Play the MGG Slots by Winning Jackpot Tokens

You can win jackpot tokens doing the bi-weekly PvE event. That will help kick start your journey to getting powerful mutants and also more gold.

Build More Zoomorph, Galactic and Mythic Compounds

These can help you hold more gold, so giving you more credits while you are away. They give max 30,000, 80,000 and 160,000 when fully upgraded. Make sure to breed more bronze mutants that are suitable in these compounds such as Honey Bunny, Beetle Bot, Bounty Bug or Nebulon etc.

In PvP, only ask high level friends for defense tags.

If you are low level, this will help swing the battle in your favor.

Always try and get to the experts league in PvP to get the bonus PvP mutant.

PvP mutants have 10% bonus to health and attack just like Zodiac and Legendary mutants. They also have way shorter breeding times compared to most normal mutants.

Breed PvP mutants together for a faster breeding time.

In case you were wondering about breeding times, PvP mutants have very short breeding times(2-3 hours). This makes them ideal for breeding other mutants. The only drawback is that you have less chances of getting the desired mutant you want.

Do the campaign as much as you can.

This will help you gain significant amounts of gold in certain stages. Shoreline Shanghai of each division will award lots of credits once completed. Use the credits to upgrade your evolution chamber.

Add lots of friends.

More friends = more tags, more campaign passes and free gifts. Your high level friends can also help you win tough campaigns with a strong tag team attack.